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Here is what some of my amazing managers and clients have to say.

Reference by Silvia founder of Bonjour Paris about the graphic designer Danielle Gracioso

Danielle is an extremely creative and innovative visual designer, who’s also best in guiding necessary meetings. She understood my company's needs by directing efforts to maximize my results at Estúdio & Trabalho. Her attention to detail reflects her positioning in the business, turning her attention to resolving adversities.
Danielle developed my company institutional website and the virtual store, taking care of everything from photo treatment to page design, including social medias and everyting about marketing and communication with followers and customers. But, first of all, she developed the Bonjour Paris logo, creating a brand manual with recommendations for its use and, as an illustrator, she developed patterns in rapport for textile printing and illustrations alluding to the work Le Petit Prince in celebration of the brand's first year Bonjour Paris, in an authorial way.

— Silvia Helena Neves de Sales Founder of Bonjour Paris

Testimonial Gilson founder of UIRD about the graphic designer Danielle Gracioso

I've had the chance to work with Danielle in a few projects for my company and never been dissapointed. The communication is very fluid and she has an incredible skill to turn abstract ideas and thoughts from what has been said into concrete and visual concepts. She always brings structured informations and clearly to understand.I have been involved throughout the whole process by the continuous feedback that she provides of the work in progress and that didn't change the fact that I was positivelly surprised by the final result every single time

— Gilson Doi Founder of UIRD

Reference by Marlon founder of Zarpou about the visual designer Danielle Gracioso

Dani and I have worked together in a couple startup projects. From the very beginning, it became clear to me that Dani was entering in the challenge with all her heart. She has helped me in some many ways that go much far from the boundaries a normal teammate would. Thank you, Dani!

— Marlon Pascoal Founder of Zarpou

Recommendation by Lucas co-founder of Projeto Esporte and Projeto Motor about the graphic designer Danielle Gracioso

Danielle is a great professional. Very talented and technical, she is also very obedient to schedules and deadlines. Her projects were always delivered at a high level and without the need for major adjustments.

— Lucas Santochi Co-Founder of Projeto Esporte and Projeto Motor

Testimonial Pedro founder of Plein Burger about the graphic designer Danielle Gracioso

It has been a pleasure working with Danielle in several projects. She has been able to turn my crazy ideas into beautiful effective designs, which have been a key aspect of my businesses. Her work ethic and commitment to each project has always been high, and I deeply appreciate it.

— Pedro Petris Founder of Plein Burger

Testimonial Thiago Zampieri co-founder of Bart.Digital about the graphic designer Danielle Gracioso

I had the opportunity to work with Danielle several times on some challenging projects and I can say that she is a professional who adds a lot to the team. he has excellent ideas and respects the opinion of both the client and the team. has a great knowledge of his area and manages to develop his tasks successfully and on time. in addition to other soft skills that add a lot to the business. I would certainly like to work with Danielle again.

— Thiago Zampieri Co-Founder and CTO at Countfly / Investor / Co-Founder and COO at Skull Dojo / Youtuber at Papo Dev / Co-founder Bart.Digital

Testimonial Clybas founder and CEO of Rocha Neto & Associados about the graphic designer Danielle Gracioso

For more than 6 years my company has been working with Danielle. She did the design for us, like: brand identity, folders, diagramming of accounting reports, business card, social media design and among other design activities. She is capable of understanding and applying all the client needs and doing a great job, even when the clients are uncertain of what their needs are. My company was able to achieve best results with our clients, because of her great work as a designer. We have appreciated the great job that she did for our company.

— Clybas Correa Rocha Neto Founder and CEO of Rocha Neto & Associados - Judicial Administration