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Plein Burger

Branding food / Product packaging / Logo design / Visual Identity

Introducing Plein Burger

Plein Burger is all about sharing the joy of a simple and fresh burger experience with you. Every day, they whip up these delicious treats using carefully selected ingredients and offer them in limited quantities. The challenge was creating a visual identity with a professional touch that's super easy for you to connect with.

  • Plein Burger
  • Launch: 2018.
  • Londrina-PR, Brazil.
  • I designed the visual identity, packaging food, logo, motion graphics for social media, and institutional materials.
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The Story Behind the Name:

The owner wanted a creative brand for the new company, and thus Plein was born. In the beginning, Plein delivered an experience box with bread, cheese, and meat—a DIY burger kit. Customers loved making their own burgers, and the flavors and satisfaction were nothing short of a "WOW" moment. Now, Plein Burger has evolved into a restaurant, serving ready-to-eat burgers—a big step for the company in 2021.

Embracing Archetypes:

Plein Burger draws inspiration from psychologist Carl G. Jung's concept of archetypes, those universal symbols in the collective unconscious. These archetypes are used to create meaningful connections with the brand.

The explorer

"Don't create fences around me."

It perfectly captures their constant motivation and passion for discoveries. Plein Burger believes in breaking away from routine, bringing novelty into your life within a specific timeframe. With a restless profile, they seek products that help you on your weekend kitchen adventures, providing a sense of freedom and independence without the fuss. No more boring routine meals!

Brand Values

Plein Burger's vision of seeing the world is translated into their brand values, shaping every aspect of their business.

Visual Identity:

Now, let's dive into the design journey of their logo and how it evolved into the final result.

The Results

The Outcome: The visual identity got the green light in the first proposal, thanks to consistent briefing and the trust they received. In just 30 days, the client got their hands on a visual identity, ready to use arts and layouts to communicate their brand with style.


Testimonial Pedro founder of Plein Burger about the graphic designer Danielle Gracioso

It has been a pleasure working with Danielle in several projects. She has been able to turn my crazy ideas into beautiful effective designs, which have been a key aspect of my businesses. Her work ethic and commitment to each project has always been high, and I deeply appreciate it.

— Pedro Petris Founder of Plein Burger