• My currently location
  • Vancouver, BC. Canada.

My focus is to work as a Graphic Designer on companies that contribute to a better world for both employees and consumers.

About Danielle Gracioso

Danielle Gracioso


Hello! I am Danielle Gracioso

As a Graphic Designer with over 8 years of hands-on experience in Brazil and Canada, I'm deeply passionate about harnessing the transformative power of design for a positive impact. I believe the experiences I’ve had from different cultures are my strength in this multicultural community to take different perspectives and embrace the differences as a designer. My primary focus revolves around collaborating with like-minded companies that share this belief.

My skill set spans multi-channel graphic design, branding, and dynamic marketing campaigns, seamlessly blending the worlds of digital and print. Staying abreast of the latest design and web trends, I take pride in my keen eye for colour, typography, and meticulous detail.

To me, great design is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. That's why I engage closely with the briefing, delving into their goals to craft original concepts that embody their brand and align seamlessly with their broader marketing strategies.

If you're looking for a Graphic Designer passionate about crafting impactful designs for positive change, I'm here and eager to connect. Let's work together!

Recognitions and awards

First Place Hackathon Smart City
October 2017. Londrina-PR, Brazil.
First Place Hackathon Smart City 2017, with the project Zozu - Zona Azul inteligente. The team is: Danielle Gracioso, Guilherme Costa, Olívio Campaner, and Thiago Zampieri. The app won first place in this Hackathon focus on smart cities.

Third place Hackathon Smart Agro 2017
April 2017. Londrina-PR, Brazil. Sociedade Rural do Paraná.
Occupation area: livestock, leather, farm.
With the project COBO, won Third Place Hackathon Smart Agro 2017. This app was the solution to slaughterhouses avalieted the condition of the leather in the time of slaughter. The multidisciplinary team is: Danielle Gracioso, Olívio Campaner, Kleyton Polzonoff, Gabriel Maquiavelli, and Leonardo Grade.

First Place Hacking Health 2016
November 2016. Canada. Hacking Health CA
Through on-line votation between the participates and mentors: App Luna Health won first place on Hacking Health 2016. Hacking Health is a Canadian movement, nowadays is be in 20 countries around the world. It was a proud gift to get this honor.

First Place Hackathon Garcia 2016
June 2017. Londrina-PR, Brazil.
First Place Hackathon Garcia 2016, with App Tali. Team is: Clybas Rocha Neto, Danielle Gracioso, Guilherme Costa, and Olívio Campaner. The App was First Place in this private Hackathon. Viação Garcia is a road transport company based in Londrina-PR, Brazil.

Select in the list of 40th Posterheroes 5 (Italy)
May 2015. Italy.
Poster selected among the 40 winners of POSTERHEROES 2015 - Edition Italy. This worldwide competition received 87 entries from more than 56 countries. The poster was selected from the 40 winners. Then being part of the official calendar 2016: "I CHOOSE TODAY MY TOMORROW!"

Finalist in the Latin American contest MAREA DIGITAL of Encuentro Latinoamericano de Diseño.
July 2013. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Finalist in the Latin American contest MAREA DIGITAL of Encuentro Latinoamericano de Diseño, with the institutional website project of Grife Cacau. Project carried out via Z3 Web in a multidisciplinary team. The event is held in Buenos Aires and receives project proposals from several Latin American countries annually.
In the category: Online interactive. International coverage.

Spare time

In my free time, I like to walk around looking around and take analog pictures with my beloved La Sardina 35mm, I enjoy feeling the adrenaline of participating and winning Hackathons.