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Projeto Esporte

Logo design / Motion graphic / Visual Identity

Meet Projeto Esporte

Projeto Esporte is not your typical sports channel. Based on São Paulo, it delivers captivating content on YouTube, focusing on sports history, remarkable personalities, and technical insights. The goal is to present the sports world from a fresh perspective, in a dynamic and straightforward manner.

The brand's grand entrance was strategically timed to coincide with the countdown to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. The objective was to capture the interest of those curious about historical Olympic trivia and the existing audience of the group's other channel, Projeto Motor, dedicated to the F1 universe.

Unique Challenges

The unique challenges were steering clear of football content and indirectly alluding to the Olympic Games.

  • Projeto Esporte
  • Launch: 2021.
  • São Paulo-SP, Brazil.
  • This project involved crafting a visual identity, pinpointing the target audience, creating a logo, designing social media layouts, developing branded stationery, producing institutional materials, and adding dynamic motion graphics using After Effects for the intro video.

Brand Values

Projeto Esporte embraced symbolic elements associated with the brand, playing a crucial role in shaping the graphic signature.

Colour Palette

Colour is a pivotal aspect of visual identity, conveying brand positioning. Inspired by the vibrant palette of the Olympic Arches, the colour scheme was meticulously crafted, ensuring the first impression aligns with the brand's essence.

Visual Signature: Shapes and Values

Drawing inspiration from the Olympic Movement's core values of Friendship, Excellence, and Respect, the logo was designed in the form of a triangle. This geometric shape embodies the project's commitment to these essential values.

Impressive Results

The project afforded complete creative freedom, and the visual identity won immediate approval from the clients in the first proposal. Thanks to a detailed briefing and mutual trust, the visual identity was developed in just 15 days. Now equipped with a distinctive brand presence, Projeto Esporte is actively engaging its audience on various platforms. Within 20 days of launching the YouTube channel, it has garnered an impressive 21,579 views and amassed 323 organic followers on Instagram.


Recommendation by Lucas co-founder of Projeto Esporte and Projeto Motor about the graphic designer Danielle Gracioso

Danielle is a great professional. Very talented and technical, she is also very obedient to schedules and deadlines. Her projects were always delivered at a high level and without the need for major adjustments.

— Lucas Santochi Co-Founder of Projeto Esporte and Projeto Motor