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Logo design / Branding / Visual Identity / Branded Stationery

Introducing UIRD

UIRD is an investment fund that believes in companies with an impact on society. To the atract the attention of disruptive startups, UIRD invited us to created a energetic brand that would stand out in a satureted market.

  • UIRD
  • Launch: 2018.
  • Londrina-PR, Brazil.
  • I designed of visual identity, define target audience (users), logo, branded stationery, institutional materials, and motion graphic with After Effects for logo.
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Naming origin

The choice of name came from the customer. The word Uird has a extraterritorial meaning, its origin is from Norse mythology. The name of the first Norne: "Urdr".
According to Norse mythology, Urd is the goddess of the past. It was represented alongside the other skuld (future) and Verdandi (present) usually as the figure of a woman or of a mythical being who lived in Uroarbrunnr responsible along with her sisters for deciding the fate of humans.
Past, present and future should not be seen in a way individual, but interconnected as a network.
Translating the UIRD's vision of seeing the world. Since urðr is nothing more than the sum of our acts, choices and past events that determined the shape of our present, this present that in turn will determine our future, thus manifesting the idea of ​​destiny as a flow continuous. Extending its meaning in Old English we come to verb "weorthan", with meaning "to come to be", in an unfolding resulted in "wyrd" that simplifying the spelling to Portuguese: UIRD.


Psychologist Carl G. Jung used the concept of archetype in his theory of the human psyche. Archetypes reside in the collective unconscious of people around the world. We use these archetypes to bring your associations to the brand concept.

The wise man

"The truth will set you free."

This is its motto, which expresses constant motivation and interest in knowledge, the pillars that support the relationship with the client are transparency and information.
We are experts. We speak B2B.
It is up to the company owner to make the decision – logical – based on the information at their disposal. And in this process we make him feel expert on the subject. Assuming the role of knowledgeable customers in the market, more desiring and demanding than ever.

Values of brand

Past, present, and future do not must be viewed individual but interconnected like a network. Translating the UIRD vision of seeing the world.


The visual identity was approved in the first proposal with the client. Thanks to the consistent briefing and the confidence given. With a 30-day development, the client received his visual identity and can now use the arts and layouts to communicate his brand.


Testimonial Gilson founder of UIRD about the graphic designer Danielle Gracioso

I've had the chance to work with Danielle in a few projects for my company and never been dissapointed. The communication is very fluid and she has an incredible skill to turn abstract ideas and thoughts from what has been said into concrete and visual concepts. She always brings structured informations and clearly to understand.I have been involved throughout the whole process by the continuous feedback that she provides of the work in progress and that didn't change the fact that I was positivelly surprised by the final result every single time.

— Gilson Doi Founder of UIRD